Student Accessibility Services

Financial Assistance

Learning Evaluations or Coaching Financial Assistance 

Limited funds are available to provide financial assistance to students with the cost of disability-related testing or academic coaching. These funds usually cover the “copay” or deductible for testing or for coaching based on the student’s health insurance rates. In certain instances, depending on need, SAS financial assistance may be available to pay a portion of the testing costs or the coaching themselves. 

Funds for learning evaluations and academic coaching are only available if the evaluation is needed to support coursework at Brown University. In the application, we ask students to explain briefly the need for financial support from SAS.  The financial assistance amounts awarded may differ from the amounts requested depending on the availability of funds, the reasonableness of the requested amount, and the number of requests that are pending at the time of request.

SAS can provide a convenient list of names of local evaluators who are qualified to complete neuropsychological evaluations for students with learning disabilities and coaches who charge reduced rates, but students can see any coach or evaluator they choose, and students can schedule the evaluations during academic breaks. SAS financial assistance does not typically pay the providers directly but provides students a portion of the costs they paid for the testing or coaching. To receive SAS financial assistance, the student should meet with a SAS Counselor, then complete the application and have it approved by SAS before scheduling the testing or coaching. A receipt of payment to the provider is always required. Once that proof of payment (itemized receipt) is received and Brown paperwork is completed,  SAS will credit the student the amount reflected on the paid invoice/receipt. For example, if your financial assistance award was approved for up to $100, but the itemized receipt reflects the payment is $50, then the financial assistance award will be in the amount of $50.

A typical order of the process (but not limited to):

1. The student meets with a SAS Counselor to go over supports and services available and discuss the steps of SAS Financial Assistance for neuropsychological evaluations.

2. The student receives a list of local providers who offer neuropsychological evaluations. Students are not limited to just this list, this is only a resource. Students will call providers to get an idea of their process, the insurance they accept, wait time, and schedule an appointment with the provider.

3. Students may submit the SAS Financial Assistance Request Form:

  • After they have met with a SAS Counselor and discussed the process; and
  • After the student gathers financial-related information from the provider; and/or
  • After a neuropsychological evaluation appointment is scheduled with the provider; and/or
  • After the student completes the neuropsychological evaluation; and/or
  • After the student pays the provider in full for the neuropsychological evaluation.