Student Accessibility Services

Exam Support

Student Accessibility Services (SAS) provides information and support to faculty/instructors when scheduling exams or students with accommodations.

Exam Guidelines for Faculty

SAS encourages faculty and departments to be as independent as possible when arranging exams with accommodations. SAS understands that Instructors may need some assistance from SAS on scheduling and managing their proctored exams.

SAS asks faculty to follow the following guidelines:

Departments Scheduling Their Own Space and Just Need Proctors

  1. Instructors/departments should primarily reserve a separate room through the Scheduling Office or use office space within their department or nearby space as available.
  2. SAS has an ongoing list of proctors that are hired and paid by SAS that can be shared with instructors, and departments. SAS will encourage departments to reach out to the proctors directly to secure assistance with their exams. Contact for the list. Please be sure to cc sas-exams in your communication with the proctors.
  3. SAS loaner computers are available on a first-come-first-served basis and must be reserved well in advance. Students should plan to pick up and drop off prior to the day of the exam. SAS hours of operation are M-F 8:30-5:00 pm. SAS staff are unable to arrive prior to work hours or stay after hours in order for computers to be picked up or returned from exams.

Departments That Need Assistance: How to Request Support

  1. Submit a request to have a SAS proctored exam by the deadline. Each semester SAS will announce the deadline. Requests after the deadline will only be accepted if there is capacity. Please email for the form.
  2. SAS will proctor exams between 8 am and 5 pm Monday through Friday.
  3. SAS will schedule exams based on room and proctor availability. Preferred time for exams will be honored as capacity allows.
  4. SAS will determine the location of the exam based on space availability and disability needs.
  5. SAS will determine the logistics for the accommodated exams. For example, SAS may decide if there is a need for 2 different locations for students with 50% and 100% extended time.

Providing Materials

  1. Instructors will need to email the exam to SAS in advance. SAS must receive a copy of the exam at least 3 days prior to the date in order to prepare for the proctored exam. If needed SAS will print the exam in standard format, black ink front and back pages. If instructors require exams to be in another format (for example: 1 sided pages, colored ink), the instructors will supply copies of the exam for the students.
  2. Instructors will provide to SAS any additional materials needed for their exams at least 3 days prior to the date, for example basic calculators. SAS will provide blue books, scantrons, and scrap paper as needed.
  3. SAS will contact instructors and departments 3 days in advance if we are unable to secure a proctor for the exam. The department will need to assist in locating a TA to proctor the exam.

How Will Exams Be Returned To Instructors

  1. SAS proctors will deliver completed exams to the SAS Office, or to a location that the instructor otherwise identifies, until 5pm.
  2. Instructors will provide a location for completed exams to be delivered after 5pm. SAS proctors are unable to secure completed exams overnight.
  3. Completed exams on a SAS loaner laptop will be emailed to instructors within 24 hours.