Student Accessibility Services

Faculty Online Portal

The SAS Online Instructor Portal allows faculty to view and acknowledge receipt of student accommodations letters.

Students can request accommodations letters online via the SAS Student Portal. The student request automatically sends an email notification to course faculty. The message contains a link to the Online Instructor Portal where faculty can review the letters, organized by course or alphabetically by student name.

If faculty have questions about utilizing this portal, please reach out to

How To Access Accommodation Letters Online

  • Log-In to the Portal via the typical shibboleth screen.  Use your Brown username and password. The first screen has general information and has the Help option at the top.
  • View List of Accommodation Letters. Faculty can either select Courses to view letters organized by Course or select Accommodations Letters to see all student letters in alphabetical order for all classes
  • Review the Letter(s). From the list, select View Letter to download the letter in PDF format to review it.
  • Acknowledge Receipt of Letter(s). After viewing the letter, faculty should then click Submit to acknowledge receiving it.
  • Log Out: When finished reviewing student letters, Log Out of the system with the link at the top-right of the page and close the browser tab.

Access Instructor Portal

After Accommodations Letters Have Been Reviewed and Acknowledged

Students should continue to communicate with instructors about the implementation of their accommodations. Students may still send a copy of the PDF letter to help with describing how accommodations would be implemented. It is important for instructors to remember that they can ask questions on how to best ensure access in class. However, students are not obligated to disclose their diagnosis, disability, or any other protected medical information. 

All students approved for academic accommodations with SAS will log into the portal to notify faculty.

For TA/Staff Access

If a faculty member would like their TA or departmental staff to have access to accommodation letters via the online system, please email the below information to after a student has requested accommodations in your course. SAS can manually grant the TA/staff person access to all student letters for the course.

  • Course code (ex. CLPS 1234)
  • TA/Staff Name and Email address
  • Brown ID number or Brown username
  • Name of one student in the course who has requested accommodations.