Student Accessibility Services

For Faculty

Course accessibility for students with disabilities is part of Brown’s mission to create a diverse and inclusive community. Achieving this requires a collaborative process with SAS, the student, faculty, and staff all playing important roles.

Roles and Responsibilities Regarding Student Accommodations

  • Meeting with students with disabilities to determine reasonable accommodations
  • Reviewing the academic accommodation process with students
  • Managing the SAS online system for letters and notes
  • Converting course materials to alternate formats as needed
  • Scheduling accessible classrooms, interpreters, and/or CART as needed
  • Consulting with faculty, staff, or students if concerns or problems come up
  • Assisting faculty with exam accommodations if needed
  • Providing information and training on making courses accessible and inclusive
  • Addressing disability-related complaints and or/grievances
  • Registering and meeting with SAS to get accommodations approved
  • Activating accommodations by accessing and providing letters to faculty
  • Using SAS-approved accommodations
  • Promptly reporting concerns or problems to faculty or SAS as appropriate
  • Meeting course goals, and completing student learning outcomes and requirements
  • Including a syllabus statement telling students how to access disability-related accommodations 
  • Respecting confidentiality around disability
  • Providing PowerPoint slides and materials in advance when possible
  • Arranging exam accommodations, if additional support is needed reach out to
  • Contact SAS with concerns about accommodations
  • Referring students to SAS if they request accommodations without a letter
  • Consulting with SAS if you suspect an unreported disability and need direction
  • Acknowledging receipt of student accommodation letters through the SAS Online Instructor Portal  

Additional Faculty Information

The SAS Online Instructor Portal allows faculty to view and acknowledge receipt of student accommodations letters.
Student Accessibility Services (SAS) provides information and support to faculty/instructors when scheduling exams or students with accommodations.
A syllabus statement provides information to students on how to access accommodation and disability related services. It's the student's responsibility to contact sas in advance to discuss or request disability related accommodations.