Student Accessibility Services

Student Accessibility Services

The mission of Student Accessibility Services (SAS) is to empower the Brown University community to provide an equitable, inclusive, and accessible environment in academic and co-curricular services and activities, recognizing the intersectionality of diverse student identities.

Accommodations and Services

SAS is dedicated to creating a campus where every student can fully participate in academic and co-curricular activities. Through personalized accommodations, advocacy, resources, support and collaboration with faculty, SAS ensures that students have the tools and opportunities they need to excel. 

Students who are not currently registered with SAS and wish to request disability-related accommodations or services at Brown University will need to complete an intake form, upload documentation and meet with a SAS staff member.
Through the SAS portal, students at Brown can request accommodations, communicate with SAS staff, upload documentation and manage accessibility-related needs in a centralized, efficient and user-friendly manner.
The SAS reporting tool is designed for members of the Brown community to submit concerns around accessibility including, but not limited to, website accessibility, barriers to equitable access within educational opportunities, physical accessibility and snow removal.
Accommodations for students with disabilities are intended to provide equitable access to courses, services and programs. Students self-identify as needing accommodations to SAS and then register and provide documentation to support the need for accommodations.
Information for students to request an appeal or reconsideration of an accommodation decision.
Students and their providers may refer to the Documentation Guidelines for helpful information used to determine reasonable accommodations.



Student Accessibility Services
Box P | 69 Brown Street, Suite 512, 5th floor 
Page-Robinson Hall
Providence, RI 02912


Phone and Email:

Office Hours:

  • Regular Hours: Monday to Friday, 8:30am to 5pm
  • Summer Hours: Monday to Friday, 8am to 4pm
Brown University is located in the College Hill section of Providence, RI. The campus is historical and is fully integrated with the city. The Brown community and SAS collaborate to provide an accessible and inclusive environment for all students.
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SAS & the Brown community collaborate to provide equitable access to campus programs and services.
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Course accessibility for students with disabilities is part of Brown’s mission to create a diverse and inclusive community. Achieving this requires a collaborative process with SAS, the student, faculty, and staff all playing important roles.
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